Thursday, March 17, 2016

Career Paths for a Business Analyst

There are many flavours of business analysis and Business Analyst can opt for any one of the flavours depending on his/her academic and professional background.

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Followings are some of the career paths a Business Analyst can opt for:
  1. Operations Head - Business Strategy Analyst who analyses the business need by analysing their current products, services, process and operations, and recommends solution (with or without IT) to improve the business.
  2. Enterprise or Business Architect - A Business Analyst starting a career as a Business analyst, and moving towards lead Business analyst, and a role of heading Business Analysis activities as an enterprise or Business Architect in an organisations. 
  3. CTO: In rare cases this is also a possibility for a business analyst if the person comes from technology background. He will have to work through many technology roles such as in-charge of IT projects and overall technology in non-IT company to reach to CTO role.
  4. Product Owner - Business Analyst working in a IT company specialised in product development can becomes Product owner/manager through a BA path.
  5. Practice Head  - In-charge of projects with similar domain in an non-IT company and establish the process and standards for Business Analysis activities such as creating "Centre of Excellence" for Business Analysis. 
  6. Program Manager - Business Analyst from technical background can become an in-charge of projects from same domain in an IT company.
  7. Delivery Head - Business Analyst from technical background who is in-charge of delivery of project or IT services in an IT company having same or different domain.
Business Analysis - Career Path

8. Management Consultant - A Business Analyst starting with Jr consultant, create a path towards Consultant, senior consultant and management consultant.

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